Meet Prashant Pandey: The notable personality, making people believe in the power of Yoga


    Prashant Pandey is a very easy-going, full of life person with great wits and knowledge. He is erudite and possesses great wisdom, which he likes to share with people having similar or different beliefs. He is a person with expansive knowledge of meditation and yoga and believes that everyone should practice it in their daily lives. He has such a soothing aura that everyone feels elated following his sagacious teachings. He is an exceptional human with a beautiful persona and vast wits.

    Prashant Pandey’s thoughts

    The thoughts of such an eminent personality are wise and worth sharing with the world; with his knowledge and his beliefs he wants to eradicate superstitions from the world and wishes to bring peace and joy to society. According to his beliefs, the minds’ aspirations give rise to the new world for eg: to enhance the communication process, the phone was introduced; without our brain wishing to get enhanced communication nothing could ever have happened.

    So the brain possesses the utmost power, and if we have control over our brain, we can do anything and everything in the world. We can achieve great heights in an insignificant time without any roadblocks or hazards; such is the power that we and our brain possess.

    Prashant Pandey believes in the superior power of KriyaYog and urges everyone to practice the same.

    Prashant Pandey and KriyaYog

    Kriya yoga is an exemplary discipline that aims to achieve a significant result in a very short amount of time. It is practiced by any successful and eminent personalities all over the world and laymen can also notably benefit from practicing it. Prashant Pandey has inordinate knowledge of Jyotishvidya and believes that this knowledge helps you understand the psyche of people and their lives. He is a supreme personality who believes in a plethora of things and implements the same in his life.

    According to him, the brain must possess excellent self-control and power to keep it from being distracted by the bad influences of society. A guru or even a monk stays away from the people to do their meditation so as to circumvent bad influences of people.  Similarly people should make their mind so affirm, strong and positive that they aren’t deterred by negative people. Keep your aura and power positive and your mind in control.

    Life learning lessons

    He gives the e.g. of a boy who returned from an untimely death. This incident has shaken the foundation of beliefs of many people and questions on a primal level the beliefs of many who say that no one can return from an untimely death.

    Prashant Pandey is a notable personality who makes people question superstitions. He makes people enlightened about the superstitions that need to be ended soon and acts as a beacon to the power of meditation and yoga. He makes people believe in miracles. When the two binary power combine they can give rise to a third power that we call a miracle.