Design Journal helps brands to navigate today’s Social Media World: Kushala Reddy


    Social media was initially created for social purposes, but quickly it became a mammoth marketing tool for anyone with a product to sell. It has become the most influential and With 3.6 billion people logging into social media worldwide — around 49 percent of the entire earth—platforms have never had a wider reach. Some Social Media Marketing Agency have seized the opportunity to promote products like never before, one of them is Design Journal, a Visual Branding and Social Media Marketing Agency.

    With millions of users ready and waiting to consume great content and purchase brilliant products, there has never been a better time for B2C businesses to embrace the value of social media marketing. B2C companies utilize social media to drive traffic to their websites, generate sales and build brand reputation.

     “It’s imperative that companies leverage the power of today’s technology in order to market their business,” says Kushala Reddy, Founder of Design Journal. “While they are specializing in offering what it is that they do, whether providing a product or service, Our agency handle those important marketing tasks for them, which is a win-win for everyone.”

    B2C social media marketing is heavily centered on creating engaging, shareable posts, such as images, videos, and reviews. Businesses can tap into humor and emotion, giving the brand a personality and creating a community of loyal customers.

    “Consumers expect brands to be present on social media platforms; it is a key marketing avenue for large numbers of potential customers. Having the right B2C social media strategy lets you widen your customer base and increase revenue.”- Kushala Redddy added.

    She further said – Word of mouth is still a potent tool in growing brand awareness and social media channels allow that to happen online, as well as in private conversations. To be a part of those conversations, you have to be visible to your potential customers, which mean having a presence online.

    A full service Visual Branding and Social media marketing agency based in Bangalore, Design Journal helps companies navigate today’s digital media world. Design Journal aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient Social Media Marketing strategies that deliver results to their clients.

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