‘Marriage can never be a barrier to be a successful Woman’ says, Manjari Priya Gupta

    Manjari Priya Gupta Interview

    Women are still discriminated against for their gender. They are not given the same right as men. Women are still paid less, expected to cook, clean, etc. Women are still strict by their culture and family. Empowering women is to give women the right. Women can have equal rights to participate in education, society, economy, and politics. BHN News is visioning to bring revolution in the society by organizing a Live Session on Women Empowerment with Mrs. India Worldwide 2021 winner Manjari Priya Gupta.

    Khushi Sonker: Tell us about your journey from a small city to where you are right now?

    Manjari Priya Gupta: I come from a small town in Ranchi. In small-town people have narrow-minded thinking. For instance, when my father was admitting me to an English medium school, People told my father why waste money on daughters? But my father never listened to them and in the future sent me to Delhi for higher education. After studying, I migrated to Bangalore for a job.

    Khushi Sonker: After getting married how did you manage both family and work?

    Manjari Priya Gupta: Women are mostly multi-taskers. They can manage both easily. Women are also experts in managing the relations with Parents as a daughter, Husbands as a wife, In-laws as a daughter-in-law, and children as Mother. A person has to be determined to work hard. Nothing can be achieved without hard work. The more you are challenged by society, the more hard work has to be done. Make challenges your friends.

    Khushi Sonker: What is success to you?

    Manjari Priya Gupta: Actually for me, there is no mantra for success. Actually, the terminology for success in itself is very broad. For me, one is successful when one has achieved peace in his life and is happy. A successful person should contribute to society, family and country.

    Khushi Sonker: what advice you will give to young girls who are out there struggling?

    Manjari Priya Gupta: My advice is to everyone irrespective of gender and it’s very simple. Firstly they should not compare themselves to others. Every person born on this planet has special and unique abilities. They are special but they don’t know-how. They should keep exploring and at last my advice is that they should be happy for no reason. Their motto should be happiness can be achieved wherever, whenever, and in whatsoever situation.